Maybe your existing podcast host is too expensive, or perhaps having your live streams and podcasts all in one place makes your life easier, either way, moving your podcast from one host over to SportsCastr is quick and easy! 

Before you can import your existing podcast from another platform to SportsCastr, you first have to create your Podcast on SportsCastr. Once you have done that, you can follow the steps below.

1. Locate your RSS link on your existing podcast host so you can copy it. Your existing podcast host will enable you to locate and copy your RSS feed from your Settings once you are logged into your account. We have detailed how to locate and copy your RSS feed if you are currently hosted on Anchor or Soundcloud below. If your podcast is hosted on Podbean, Spreaker, Transistor or most any other podcast host, the way to locate and copy your RSS feed will be very similar to those detailed below.

    a. If your podcast is hosted on Anchor, sign into your Anchor account and click on Settings > Distribution. Your RSS link (e.g. will be towards the top of your screen. Click "Copy."

    b. If your podcast is hosted on Soundcloud, sign into your Soundcloud account and go to your Settings, then click on "Content." Your RSS feed (e.g. will be towards the top of your screen. Highlight it using your cursor and copy it.

2. Now that you have copied your RSS link from your existing podcast host, head back to SportsCastr and sign into your SportsCastr account.

3. Navigate to your Dashboard by clicking on your avatar in the upper right-hand part of your browser window and click on Podcast > Podcast Tools. 

4. Paste your RSS linkin the "RSS Link" box and click "Import Podcast."

5. After following the steps above, all of your previous podcasts episodes will now be hosted by SportsCastr. You can even edit them using SportsCastr's episode editing tools!

6. Submit your updated RSS link (e.g. to wherever you have published your podcast (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, etc.)**

    ** To find your updated RSS link in your SportsCastr account, navigate to your Dashboard and click on Podcast > Distribution. Your updated RSS link will be towards the top of your browser window in the "General RSS" box.

7. After all steps above have been completed it is now safe to close down your account with your previous podcast host.