After you have created your podcast you will be able to turn any of your SportsCastr live streams into audio podcasts by following the simple steps below.

1. While logged in to your SportsCastr account from a computer, and after you have created your podcast, navigate to your Dashboard and click on "Streams"

2. You will notice that, since you have created your podcast, there is a blue "Add to Podcast" button beneath each stream thumbnail. Navigate to the stream that you would like to add as an episode to your podcast and click "Add to Podcast"

3. After clicking "Add to Podcast" you will be able to:

a. Edit the title of your Podcast (the default title of the podcast is the title of the live stream, but you can change that if you like and it will not effect the live stream's title)

b. Add an Episode Description

c. Download the audio to edit it (e.g. add music, sound effects, EQ, etc.)

d. Replace the audio (for example, you might download the audio, trim the first 30 seconds, cut out a couple minutes in the middle, and then use the "Replace Audio" feature to use the newly-edited audio for your podcast episode)

4. Once you are satisfied with your title, description and audio, just click "Publish Episode" to add this podcast episode to your podcast RSS feed.