When you create your podcast on SportsCastr, turning your SportsCastr live streams into audio podcasts is easy. Simply follow the steps below.

1. To create a podcast on SportsCastr, first log in to your SportsCastr account from a computer, navigate to your Dashboard and click "Podcast"

2. From the "Setup Podcast" screen you will be required to:

a. Upload an image for your podcast (min. 1400px x 1400px)

b. Enter a title for your podcast (e.g. "Ryan's NFL Podcast")

c. Include a Subtitle (e.g. "A daily podcast covering news and rumors from around the NFL")

d. Type the name of the podcast author (typically your name)

e. Enter a summary of your podcast (e.g. "Every weekday night Ryan and his panel of experts bring you a one-hour podcast with all of the latest news from all of the league's 32 teams")

f. Include a podcast description (a more detailed version of the Subtitle and Summary)

g. Select the three categories that best match the content of your podcast from the Categories dropdown menus

3. Finally, click "Save Changes" and you will have created your podcast! 

To learn how to create episodes for your podcast click here to jump to "Creating Podcast Episodes"