The "Earnings" tab in your Dashboard shows you near real-time data and analytics about how much your SportsCastr live streams have earned from Virtual Gifts & Tips, Revenue Share on Video Advertising and Referrals. 

How do I earned a higher revenue share percentage?

Every time one of your live streams is approved you'll get closer to a new Member Level and increasing your revenue share percentage of earnings from Video Advertising. Your first five (5) approved streams will earn you a 25% revenue share of all ads (pre-roll videos on your Replays) that run on your streams. The maximum percentage you can earn on Video Ads is 50%. See our article on Member Levels for more details.

How do I cash out my earnings?

Once you have earned a minimum of 2,500 Bucks you can click the "Cash Out" button from your Dashboard. If you have not yet reached the 2,500 Bucks threshold, the "Cash Out" button will display the number of Bucks you have to earn before you can cash out (pictured below).

I don't have PayPal, can I still cash out?

Currently SportsCastr only supports cash-outs through PayPal.

My current "Payment Method" is FANZ, if I change the Payment Method to Bucks will it convert my FANZ into Bucks? 

Currently there is not an option to convert FANZ to Bucks or vise versa.