When you've toggled Co-Hosting ON when setting up a new live stream, a GreenRoom will automatically be created for you and your Co-Hosts. For example:

-Sign into your SportsCastr account from a desktop computer

-Click "GO LIVE" to begin setting up a live stream

-Once you have selected your topic, toggle "Co-Hosting" ON

-Once you click "START BROADCAST" you will enter the GreenRoom, meaning you aren't live streaming yet!

-Anybody with whom you have shared the Co-Hosting invitation with with enter the GreenRoom once they've clicked on the invitation link

-Once your Co-Hosts have entered the GreenRoom and you are ready to being the live stream, simply click "START BROADCAST" and your live stream will begin

NOTE: A GreenRoom is open for 15 minutes. You can see a countdown on the right side of your screen. If you have not clicked "START BROADCAST" before the countdown reaches zero (0) then the live stream will automatically begin.

NOTE: You can still invite Co-Hosts once your stream is live, even if those Co-Hosts never entered the GreenRoom!