SportsCastr +
You will need a SportsCastr account, a account, and OBS or similar streaming software
1. Log in to your account at
2. Create a New Simulcast
3. Click Add Publish Platform and Select SportsCastr
4. Select the Deployment Region that is closest to you
5. Copy and paste both the Server URL (e.g. rtmp:// and Stream Key (e.g. ecc243b0768812ea965d10b5dfbf7c70) into OBS by following Steps 6-

6. Open OBS and set up your Scene(s) with your desired input sources (e.g. FaceTime camera, external microphone, images, etc.)
7. Click on Settings on the right-hand side and then click on Stream
8. At the top of this window, click on the dropdown menu and select "Custom"
9. Paste the Server URL from in the "Server" box, and paste the Stream Key from in the "Stream Key" box, and click "OK"

10. Now head to and log in to your SportsCastr account
11. Click "GO LIVE" to begin setting up a new SportsCastr live stream
12. Select your topic/league/team, enter the title of your stream and any hashtags
13. Toggle Stream with OBS to the "On" position
14. When you are ready to start your stream, click "Start Broadcast" on SportsCastr. This will not start your stream right away, but will instead provide you with your Stream Key that you will copy and paste into

15. Copy the Stream Key provided by SportsCastr and paste it into the "Stream Key" box on
16. Make sure to toggle SportsCastr "On" on
17. Finally, return to OBS and click "Start Streaming" - NOW YOU ARE LIVE!