Why, of course! You can cash out any FANZ tokens earned from FanWide by following the steps below.

From a web browser, log into your FanWallet either from SportsCastr.com or FanWallet.com 

Once in your FanWallet you will see a button that says "SELL TOKENS." To cash out click this button.

Now click "SELECT TOKENS."

You will now see a screen that enables you to select which FANZ tokens you would like to cash-out, and how many FANZ tokens you would like to cash-out. You will also be required to enter and confirm a valid PayPal address. 

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have entered it properly because any funds sent to an incorrect address will not be able to be refunded!

When you have selected the FANZ tokens and the number of FANZ tokens you would like to cash-out, click "SELL XXXX TOKENS FOR $XX.XX" and you will be automatically sent a 6-digit confirmation code to your email address.

Enter the 6-digit confirmation code and click "VERIFY & SELL TOKENS." 

You have no successfully cashed-out (aka "sold") your FANZ tokens!

For more information on making the most of the FanWide + FanChain partnership visit https://fanwi.de/fanchainguide