On TV! Or at the arena. But, seriously, SportsCastr is the first live-streaming platform where sports fans can provide real-time, interactive commentary, analysis, and predictions, or just talk about the sports and teams they love with fellow fans across the world. SportsCastr's patented real-time updating score boards, and sub-1-second latency, make providing commentary while games are live the best experience in the live-streaming world. The SportsCastr Monthly Leaderboards, and Virtual Gifts and Tips make being a part of the SportsCastr global community not only fun but rewarding. 

That having been said...!

From time-to-time SportsCastr will live stream sporting events. The best way to ensure that you are in the loop about special such special streams is to follow us on Twitter @SportsCastrLive, Facebook /SportsCastr and make sure to read the emails we send out!