SportsCastr is the live-streaming video platform built just for sports fans. Whether you are a professional commentator, a sports journalist, podcaster, YouTuber or just a plain ol' sports nut, SportsCastr is the place for you.

Live-streams on SportsCastr are delivered with sub-1-second latency, which means that there is almost no delay between the time you scream "TOUCHDOWN!" or "Holy $&!%" and all over you live viewers seeing and hearing you. It also means that when your live viewers write to you in the live chat, there is almost delay. Try that on other platforms and you'll see the difference that using SportsCastr makes! 

What's more, our patented real-time updating score boards make live-streaming while games are live the perfect experience for you and for your viewers. The score boards and animated lower-thirds also, quite simply, look awesome, so all of your live-streams on SportsCastr have that studio-quality look and feel.

We are deeply committed to continually improving SportsCastr to ensure that there is no better place for a sports fan to be. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @SportsCastrLive, on Facebook /SportsCastr and to read our emails when we send them (we promise it's not too often) so you can stay up-to-date on all of the new features, enhancements and special events!