The Weekly and Monthly Leaderboards rank every SportsCastr user by the number of total views they've accumulated from the beginning of a month to the end of a month. A view is counted each time someone watches a live stream or watches a replay. The prize packages for the Leaderboards are announced at the beginning of each month. 

All User Content is subject to the guidelines set forth on the Legal page at | We encourage all SportsCastr members to review these guidelines.


While we encourage creative uses of SportsCastr, in order to qualify for the Monthly Leaderboard prizes all users must stream live video. Those users who disable or cover their cameras are welcome to use SportsCastr, but will be automatically disqualified from Monthly Leaderboard contention.

Likewise, manipulation of view counts via the use of third-party platforms may result in Leaderboard disqualification.


Any streams that display copyrighted content will be flagged as ineligible for competition in the Monthly Leaderboard. SportsCastr will not promote or endorse the redistribution or rebroadcast of games and live events that are owned by other entities. If you are watching a game/event/match on television, or streaming it via digital service, you may not use SportsCastr to redistribute that broadcast.


While we encourage SportsCastr to make their live-streams as brief or as long as they like, streams that are found to be of gratuitous length, and which may include extended periods of inactivity from the broadcaster, may be ruled ineligible for contention in the Weekly and/or Monthly Leaderboards.


Attempts to manipulate view counts and other metrics are strictly prohibited and may result in a member’s removal from the leaderboard competition. Repeated offenses may result in member’s account being permanently banned. Such manipulations include:

Using bots or pay-for-view services;

Refreshing live streams and/or replays;

Opening multiple tabs with the same live stream or replay and refreshing;

Users jumping in and out and back in again;

Encouraging users to jump in and out and back in again;

Playing your own replay over and over;

Encouraging others to play your replay over and over

These are examples of prohibited use, but further offenses not listed here may also lead to disqualification.

Remember, folks, sports are only as good as the rules which govern them. So keep it honest, keep it fair and happy Casting!